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Why Physical Therapy?

The human body is a very unique and complex system that is composed of many different muscles, bones, and connective tissues.  After receiving a bachelor’s degree, physical therapy students spend an additional three years in a Doctoral program that is dedicated to learning the body systems and how they function. Therefore, physical therapists are highly trained professionals who are able to evaluate the human body and decipher the cause of pain and/or dysfunction. After determining the cause of pain, the therapists are not only able to design a plan of rehabilitation to improve everyday functionality but are also able to educate their patients to increase each individual’s overall awareness of safe and healthy daily living. Physical therapy is more than a temporary fix. It is a form of treatment that helps improve muscular strength, endurance, and balance. Many times people overuse the larger muscle groups in the body and those particular muscles overpower the body and may cause bad posture or pain. By attending physical therapy, patients are given the opportunity to learn how to engage the smaller muscle groups and retrain the muscles in the body to function properly. Ultimately, retraining muscles with correct form can help improve posture and mobility.

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