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About The Program

The program will last 4-weeks and include 8 sessions. Each patient will begin the program with an evaluation that assesses his/her vulnerability to falling. Following the evaluation, we will review the results with the patient and advise them if they are at risk and why. If the cause is strength and balance, we will design a customized exercise program. Also, we will assist the patient with identifying and eliminating external/environmental factors that may increase an individual’s fall risk.

Why Enroll?  

Falls are one of the largest contributors to serious health problems among older adults age 65 and older. Studies show that 5% of adults who fall receive a fracture of some type. About 25% of individuals over age 65 with hip fractures die within 6 months. Another 25% have a loss of function, and the remaining 50% exhibit a decrease in mobility.

Program Admission  

Individuals who wish to enter the program must receive a referral from a physician based on his/her increased risk due to age, history, medication changes, muscle changes, degenerative joint disease, post arthroplasty, osteoporosis, or basis of poor balance.


Most insurance plans, including Medicare cover fall assessments and conditioning programs based on the patients’ evaluations.

Fall Risk Program

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