Danni Jones Physical Therapy

I used to get backaches from riding my horse. Discovering Danni Jones Physical Therapy changed my life! Their trained specialists helped relieve my pinched nerves, and they taught me how to avoid back problems in the future.

Rufus T. Jenkins

Prior to my first visit, I couldn’t even move my neck from side to side. Now I can move my neck in all motions and even participate in activities that I love--like salsa dancing! 

Sasha Owens

Meet Our Staff

Being a physical therapist is just a job for some, but for our staff the healing arts is a calling. Each and every individual you meet at DJPT is dedicated and committed to our clients' health and well being. 

Mission Statement

Danni Jones Physical Therapy exists to provide evidenced based physical therapy and wellness services to the residents of north Louisiana using the most innovative treatment techniques available. Guided by integrity and compassion, we promote a holistic approach blending manual therapy and Pilates exercise principles. We are dedicated to providing a positive, supportive atmosphere to help our patients/clients achieve successful outcomes, allowing them to live the healthiest, most active lifestyles possible.

Client Testimonials

What We Do

Danni Jones Physical Therapy is founded on respect and compassion in helping others move and live well. We value commitment, integrity, self motivation, innovation, respect, compassion and the total movement system.

8AM - 5PM Monday-Friday   (318) 251-2995